(as of july 21st)


YEAH!! ECCC!!! It took forever to get through registration (about 1 hr in line aughghg) BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT BECAUSE I MET JONES at the Benign Kingdom booth! (AND much thank you for Ananth for looking at my work and the follow on Tumblr~ I was blushing the entire time!!) It was sad that I couldn’t hang out with them after the con :,( I’ll miss you, Jones.

AND I GOT MY LOOT wahaaha and I was so honored to meet these incredible artists!! Featuring Claire Hummel, Brittney Lee, Gigi D.G. (who I sadly didn’t meet though :( but bought her art book instead!), Victoria Ying, and Mike Yamada, who were all nice enough to sign my sketchbook ;u; So much inspiration from these people!!! You should all check them out :D

Hopefully I can go next year for a more full experience!! I can’t wait, man.

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