(re-open date TBA)


Commissions Officially Closed!

Thanks for all your orders, everyone. I appreciate every one of them! Re-open date TBA at a later time.

FYI: I am still available for freelance work. Contact me at for any inquiries!

a watercolor commission for ottery ! thank you so much! <3

yazuka cats inspired by Japanese tattoo artist Horitomo


UPDATED JULY 21st 2014 - new examples!

☆ Ink ($20 USD) + per additional character ($15 USD)
☆ Watercolor ($25 USD) + per additional character ($20 USD)

  • Backgrounds negotiable
  • 3 characters max per piece
  • No NSFW (nudity + mild gore allowed)
  • All payments via PayPal in USD
  • Non-commercial use only

Email me at with requests titled as “Commission Request”. Basic guidelines include that I reply to you first before you send payment and payment must be paid first before I start on your commission.

Also as a reminder for interest: since these are traditionally drawn/painted pieces, each original drawing is available for purchase! Prices will be negotiable upon request c:
Thank you!

A commission of Mahou Shonen Breakfast Club cuties for starlock and strangelykatie !

hana-isah asked: Hi! I'm curious, what kind of works do you watch for inspire you to illustrate, or what kind or photography or stuff??

Publishing this to say that I do indeed have a reblog blog that I use generally for inspiration reblogs. Feel free to take a look there and you’ll get an idea of the things I’m inspired by~

little crayon tangs




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Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, and everyone who spread the word!!  Tell your friends!!

APIZINE is now live and available to purchase! My work and many other amazing submissions are featured in there so check it out c:

A reward drawing for Ashley’s GoFundMe! If you donate, you could have a chance to get a drawing from me! ;DD Please share and/or donate if you can, we need all the help we can get~ 

the flowering girl