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I’m really really really strapped for cash so time to OPEN UP COMMISSIONS!!  If you’re interested in buying from me, shoot me an e-mail at with what you would like or any questions you may have! Here are the samples I used above: one, twoI’m pretty flexible with what I’m willing to draw as long as I’m provided good references that I can work with.

I’ll be accepting payment in USD with that same e-mail through Paypal only and will start to work on your commission as soon as I receive full payment.

Thanks much for reading!! Reblogs are massively appreciated!! ;v;

the crystal gems

Commission for May of her and Sarah's Neotp, Yvanna and Koji! May is such a sweetheart! Thank you again for commissioning me c:

[my commissions are still open]

i painted this for the lovely itsleahelaine in a package that also included another painting and a pair of pizza earrings from ebae :^D

flowery fashions

lettuce stalk stamp doodle

I took a dandelion from outside and used it as a stamp

UPDATE: My CalArts Portfolio!

(I had to draw something for this post or else it would look too naked)

HEY EVERYONE! A lot of you remember when I posted a link to my CalArts portfolio on my blog?

Well I’ve decided to set it to private… So please, if you are interested in viewing my CalArts portfolio and sketchbook pages now, please send me an email at I just don’t want my portfolio flying around the web D: hope you all understand!

zagballo asked: do you have a tip for photographing/scanning traditional art/drawings? I know I can go to office depot or kinkos to scan items (I don't have a professional camera.. just my iPhone 4S) or get a photographer friend to take pictures.. but for daily works (I want to update my tumblr regularly with recent works) what would you suggest? should I purchase a camera or use a scanner (what dpi?) or would my phone work? I worry I would lose quality buuut I need to get my work out there :( what do you do?

I’ve been using my smart phone (Galaxy S3) for most of my sketchbook stuff (because watercolors gets way too overexposed on my old scanner). But I always do color corrections and clean-up on Photoshop CS6 for all my photos/scans (“Image>Adjustments>Levels” is my best friend). A scanner would be a good investment if you want a higher resolution/quality (300dpi max) version of your traditional work, though.